MPD and Social Media

Helping Missionaries Use Social Media to Enhance their Ministry Partner Development.

Stay Focused

How to Use Social Media for MPD Without Getting Distracted

Social Media, like many other things in life, is a tool that can be used well or that can take over. You got on Facebook to connect with your ministry partners, and an hour later you are playing words with friends and chatting with your mom. Here are some helpful hints to help you stay focused on mpd when you want to be.

Go Straight to Your Lists

When you want to get on and focus on connecting with current or potential ministry partners, start out by viewing your mpd lists. (Go here to create them) That’s right, skip your newsfeed and that irresistible video and go straight to one of your MPD lists.

Filter Chat with Your Lists

Use Facebook chat to connect with people. A key is to go to your chat options (the little wheel on the bottom of your chat box) and then go to advanced settings. Click on “Only some friends see you…” and fill in the names of the mpd lists you want to connect with. Now only the people you are trying to connect with for mpd can see that you are online. AND the only names in chat that you will see are your mpd contacts.

Facebook is your tool – take control of it. It is a fabulous way to connect with people and is a great tool in your toolbox. Use it wisely and it will be well worth your time.

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