MPD and Social Media

Helping Missionaries Use Social Media to Enhance their Ministry Partner Development.

3. Set Up Appointments

Asking for an Appointment Using Social & Digital Media

When setting up appointments, a rule of thumb is to connect with people using whatever medium you normally use connect with them. If it is usually Facebook, then send them a Facebook message. If you email, email. If you text, instant message, Facebook chat or talk on the phone, contact them that way.

Whenever you can, add in a phone call! The phone creates an urgency and an immediacy like nothing else! The combination of a phone call PLUS the other form of communication will bring the best results. One will remind them of the other, prompting them to action. As a side note. If a person is your friend on Facebook and they have a phone number published, it is perfectly acceptable to use it. If they email you and have their number at the bottom of the email, you can use it.


It is helpful to create some “templates” to use with the general body of your email. Then you can personalize the introduction. In gmail, you can create “Canned Responses”. My favorite thing to do is to use canned responses and Boomerang to automate my email process and keep my moving forward in the process of connecting. Go to my post about canned responses for a number of templates on asking for an appointment that are already typed up for you, and they how to’s of boomerang and canned responses.


The same principles apply on Facebook as well. You can keep these in notes or a word document. Attaching a link to a picture, or your website is also helpful as it shows up right in your post.

WARNING! When sending Facebook messages, if you send too many too quickly it will flag your account as a spammer. Take time in between messages. Record what you have done in MPDx. Pray for the person you are sending the message to. Then send the next one.


Chat can be a great place to catch people. Keep your instant messenger or facebook chat open, and check it periodically. You might be able to catch some one. If you are not sure what to say, follow the phone scripts. Again, you can type them out once and cut and paste them if you would like. It is also a great place to ask if they have time to talk and then make a plan for when you will call them (or call them right then).


If text is a primary way that you connect with a person, than go ahead and text them to set up an appointment. Or you can text someone to let them know that you will be calling in a few minutes to talk about when you could get together. Often the heads up prompts someone to pick up the phone.

I hope this helps you set up lots and lots of times to share about your ministry!

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