MPD and Social Media

Helping Missionaries Use Social Media to Enhance their Ministry Partner Development.


MPDX is a tool to help you accelerate the process of connecting with people as you build and maintain your team of financial ministry partners. This tool is available to any missionary, free of charge. Our desire is to take as much of the guesswork and busywork out of the process as possible with automated features, helping you follow mpd best practices and integrating with the tools you use in everyday life.

MPDX features integrations with many tools you use in everyday life to help make your work in developing your team of ministry partners (MPD) seamless with the rest of your day. Manage your contacts, appointments and tasks in MPDX, and then let MPDX keep things up to date in your contacts, calendar, email and prayerletter services. There is also an app that helps you stay connected to your mpd tasks and contacts while you are on the go.

Take a Tour!    Go to MPDx     Go To MPDx Help Site

2 thoughts on “1. MPDX

  1. Hello, I’m on staff with The Navigators and use TNTmpd. I happened to run across MPDx and I’m curious about it. Is it limited to CRU staff or can other use it.

    • Any ministry is welcome to use it, and I believe the Navigators are all set up. Just go to and sign in. If you have questions, there is a help button there where you can email us. Thanks!

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