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MailChimp and E-Prayer Letters

Use MailChimp to Email Your Prayer Letters

Over the years, many of my ministry partners have asked me to email them my prayer letters. They don’t want me to spend the money on the mailing. Should I or shouldn’t I? After all, they are requesting it and it will save me money! But the real question is, will they actually read it?

The point of a prayer letter is to connect your ministry partners to what is going on in your ministry and giving them specific ways to continue partnering with you in prayer. I am a digital person. I LIVE online! And yet, one day I realized that I hadn’t opened 6 months worth of email prayer letters from two staff members I support, who are also very close friends. It made me think, if I am not reading them, who is?!? And yet in todays digital age, email is a staple in our life. Inevitably, you will come to the crossroads again on emailing your prayer letter. Some people DO read them there. There can be great advantages – like two way conversations, linking to videos or student blogs, or including a link to the give site in an ask. So, here are a few guidelines when emailing your prayer letter.

It is really important to use an email service designed for sending out newsletter emails.  Very few people will actually open up an attachment and read it, though they have great intentions of doing so. And other solutions can make it look nice in your email, but clog up people’s inbox because the email size is huge. We think MailChimp is a great solution.  MailChimp is free, you can track who reads your emails, and it looks great! MPDx also syncs with MailChimp, so you only have to manage your email prayer letter list in one place.

Getting Started

Here is a quick video to help you sync your mpdx email prayerletter list with mailchimp.

Here is a great post on how to get started in general with mailchimp:  Getting Started with MailChimp

If you are looking for more help, here is a webinar where we went through in detail how to set up lists, design a campain, etc.

The support videos at are also very helpful:

Create a Subscriber List

Create and Send a Campaign

Working with Templates


When you design your templates, please make sure and keep our branding in mind. Go to for logos, pictures, fonts and colors. Here are some templates to get you started. Follow these steps to use them.

  1. Right-click on the picture of the template you want and select, “Save Link As …”
  2. Save the file to your computer.
  3. Go to MailChimp → My Templates.
  4. Choose “Import a Template.”
  5. Browse and choose the file you just downloaded.
  6. Go to “Campaigns” and “Create Campaign”. Choose a “Regular Ol’ Campaign”.
  7. On the “Select a Template” page go to the “Saved Templates” tab and “Select” the Cru template you’ve just uploaded.
  8. Insert your information, text, and images, then send!

Mobile & Desktop Friendly Template:


Templates Designed for Desktop:

sw-img-mailchimp-template-single-column-skinny   sw-img-mailchimp-template-two-column-skinnysw-img-mailchimp-template-two-column-pic-logo-1 sw-img-mailchimp-template-single-column-pic-logo-2

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