MPD and Social Media

Helping Missionaries Use Social Media to Enhance their Ministry Partner Development.

9. Facebook Lists

Create and Use Lists on Facebook for MPD

Lists are the secret to using Facebook well for MPD. You can send status updates to just your ministry partners asking for prayer, sharing a story or highlighting a resource. You can set your privacy settings so that only certain groups of people can see or do certain things.  You can make any post, picture album, etc. go only to a certain group of people. You can also view certain groups at a time – like potential ministry partners or only chat with people you trying to connect with for MPD.

How to Create Lists


You can use some of the lists Facebook generates for you. Location based lists can be great to plan an MPD trip. Here is how you make them.


You can also look at and use the lists generated for you for other things – close friends, people you work with, networks you are a part of and school you graduated from. Other lists you might want to make manually are MPD – Ask For Appointment,  MPD- Ask For Referrals, MPD- Follow Up for Decision, MPD- Updates.

Use Lists to Pray

Taking time to scan through your MPD lists and pray for your ministry partners and your potential ministry partners. When appropriate, comment on their posts or send them a message and let them know you prayed for them. Or ask them for prayer requests regarding a post.

Use Lists to Stay in Touch

Scan through your lists to see how your ministry partners are doing. Comment on people’s posts as you normally would, like pictures, send them quick messages. Start up a quick chat conversation asking how they are. It is quite amazing how much you can pick up from someone and develop a regular connection with them through these simple things.

Use Lists to Connect for MPD

It’s helpful to know when you have been trying to call someone that they were on vacation. Or when you are about to make your calls that they are just chillin at home.  Scroll through lists of people you are going to call to see what is going on in their life. Send messages asking to connect for an appointment or see if you can catch them on chat. Chat can be really helpful for catching someone to ask if they are free to talk and then call them, to ask for an appointment or to set up the details for an appointment.

Filter Chat with Your Lists

Go to your chat options (the little wheel on the bottom of your chat box) and then go to advanced settings. Click on “Only some friends see you…” and fill in the names of the mpd lists you want to connect with. Now only the people you are trying to connect with for mpd can see that you are online. AND the only names in chat that you will see are your mpd contacts.

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